Confectionery “Arsenal-Pak”

Founded in 2003

Ukrainian confectionery manufacturer.

In our range there are candies, biscuits, dragee, marmalade, marshmallow, pastries and sweets which are made since 2003 under “Ramonka” trademark. Our confectionery is located in the south-east of Ukraine.

Due to many years of experience of our specialists and the use of natural Ukrainian products, we produce high quality confectionery at affordable prices.

Our products

products Our products

Trade mark


TM "Ramonka" is more than 100 names, both traditional products and sweets made according to original recipes, which have no analogues and they are own developments of our technologists.

The products of the Arsenal-Pak confectionery factory are able to satisfy the tastes of any consumer and are well known both in Ukraine and abroad.

It provides the constant availability of our products on the shelves of national distributors and network retailers, as well as expanding the export customer base abroad.



Every year export direction expands its activities. Our customers from Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania and other countries have convinced of the high quality of our products.